It's experience in the construction & Engineering sector, FAINCO, participates in the development of infrastructure that Africa needs for its development a,d rapid growth.
Faouaze Investment Corporation (FAINCO )  with these experiences in the fields of civil engineering, BTP,Port and Airport infrastructure, roads, bridges, hydroelectric, dams, railways, social housing and real estate and large areas
Faouaze Investment Corporation (FAINCO ) offers a complete range of construction engineering services structured around construction,  rental management, condominium syndicate and transaction.
With many years of experience in property management and real estate management, Faouaze Investment Corporation (FAINCO )  is a true professional whose skills encompass all areas of our business.
  • All our managers have solid experience in the management of new and old buildings.
  • This experience is complemented by the various professional training provided by the Company.
  • Our engineering department of Construction cobines architecture and construction engineering, as a turnkey constructor and
  • Project management for industrial buildings, warehouses and logistics buildings, commercial buildings, office buildings and head offices.